Through the Looking Glass Lamp

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This is an extendable/retractable, scissor-arm wall lamp made with Sundial Wire's twisted pair wire. It is very well suited to being a bedside light, especially when you mount one on either side of a bed. But it is also very suitable for any place where you don't want to take the space for, or have the expense of, a standing lamp. Since it does not need to be wired into the wall, it is perfect for when you are renting or if you just want to show off the beautiful cloth-covered wire.

This light is actually an IKEA hack, an item made out of an IKEA product but hacked to make it into a something different. The idea came from Manhattan Nest's blog post. The hack is based on IKEA's Fräck scissor-arm bathroom mirror.

You can buy the lamp as a kit and assemble it yourself, or you can have us assemble it for you. You tell us which you would like in the "Additional Product Options" section of this product.

The kit or assembled light includes:

Please note that, while we try to complete assemblies within 2-3 days of when the order was placed, depending on how many you as well as others have ordered, the time for assembly may be more than a week.

One thing that you must tell us if you would like your light assembled is whether you would like the wire to run along the outside of the scissor arm on the left or on the right of the arm. You can see what is meant by this by looking at the picture below. The lamp on the left is wired with the wire on the left. The lamp on the right is wired with the wire on the right. You tell us which way you would like your lamp wired in the "Additional Product Options" section of this product.

If you are going to have a pair of these lights on either side of a bed, you will probably want to order one wired to the left and one wired to the right.

We offer this light only with our 18-gauge twisted pair wire because our other wire styles will not fit between the scissor-arm and the mounting bracket.

This product does not include the bulb shown but the bulb can be purchased from us separately as noted below.

This lamp should be used with a 100 Watt or less bulb. If you are not going to use a shade, we recommend our silvered, anti-glare bulbs in 100 Watts and 60 Watts to avoid glare.

IMORTANT: If you are assembling this product yourself, please make sure the wire goes between the mounting bracket and the post behind the scissor-arm, NOT in between the sections of the scissor-arm itself, where it will get pinched whenever the scissor-arm is closed. When the wire is positioned correctly, it will not be pinched by the arm.

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