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UL: UL-Recognized, 15A-125V
Made in: Mexico
Wire Opening Diameter: 8.33 mm, 1/3"
Polarity: Polarized

A new, rubber, two-wire female connector. This connector easily accepts all of our wires except for the 14-gauge pulley cord. Note that if you are going to use one of our three-conductor wires, you should clip the ground wire (the green one).

Note that this connector has a stretchy bit of rubber around the hole the wire goes through which means there is no gap around the wire no matter the diameter of the wire.

UL listed, 15A-125V. Polarized. Color: Black

To wire this connector safely, please connect the striped leg of a twisted pair wire, the white wire in a pulley cord or overbraid, or the ribbed wire in parallel cord (neutral) to the screw terminal labelled "WHITE".

You should consult a qualified electrician to ensure that the gauge of the wire you select can safely support the electrical load of your lamp or small appliance over the length of wire you are using.

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