SHADE HOLDER: Brass Clamp-On Shade Holder, Nickel Finish

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This shade holder has a band that screws onto a non-UNO metal socket to support a shade when the three screws are tightened around the shade's rim. This has a 2 1/4" opening for the shade. The clamp opening is just big enough to go around a standard size socket, about 1 1/2" in diameter.

These clamps do not work with our Bakelite sockets.

This is the only clamp-on shade holder that is available on the market. It can be very difficult to get the band around the socket, requiring the band to be bent wide open and then held very tightly with your hand while screwing in the screw that holds the band tight.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a UNO socket and using one of the UNO shade holders if you can. They are far easier to use and better quality.

Please note this product is for only one of the shade holders pictured and does not include any other lamp parts or wire shown.

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