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UL: UL-Listed, 250V, 660W
Made in: China

This is a side-exit socket for use with a lamp base that has no opening through which the wire can exit. It is aluminum with a nickel finish and a push through switch. The socket is 2.75" high, medium base, fits 1/8-27 IPS. It is UL listed, 250V, 660W.

The opening in the socket accommodates all of our 18-gauge and smaller wires.

This product is the socket only, as shown in the picture in the middle, where only the socket is shown.

The socket in the picture on the left shows the opening in the socket for the wire to enter to show how the socket is used. Normally you would orient the opening in the socket towards the back of the lamp, as shown in the picture on the right. We are showing the lamp without a shade so that you can see the socket more clearly.

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