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UL: UL-Listed 75W-125V
Made in: China
Diameter: 26.9 mm, 1.06 inches on bulb end, 22.85 mm, .89 inches on wiring end

This is a black keyless Bakelite socket with a candelabra base. The socket is 1.75" high, candelabra base, fits 1/8-27 IPS. UL listed, 75V, 120W.

IMPORTANT: Once you put this socket together you cannot take it apart without a bit of extra work. What you need to do is first, MAKE SURE THE SOCKET IS NOT ATTACHED TO ELECTRICTY. When you are sure there is no current running through the socket, from the underside of the socket, the side where you screw in the bulb, take a tiny screwdriver and identfy the shorter of the two brass tabs that are on the outer edges of the interior of the socket.

With a very small flat-head screwdriver, push down on the shorter tab while unscrewing the two exterior pieces of the socket. This tab is horizontal rather than vertical, so you won't have too much trouble pushing on it while turning the two external pieces. You might need a light - an iPhone flashlight works well - to see the tab.

This product is the socket only, as shown in the pictures. The other lamp parts shown in the pictures are available below in the related products listings.

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