STRAIN RELIEF: METAL COLLAR - Antique Brass finish

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Please verify that you are aware that this strain relief ONLY fits on 18-gauge pulley cord and our overbraid wires. Use screw top reliefs for twisted wires.*
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UL: UL - Luminaire Fittings Component
Made in: China

To use this strain relief, slide the collar onto the wire with the threaded part facing the socket if it is being used at the bottom of a pendant. If the strain relief is being used at the top of a pendant, orient the threaded part towards the canopy. Tighten the screw that is within the collar to produce the reduction in strain on the wire.

This strain relief can be used with any of our overbraid wires and 18-gauge pulley cords. We recommend applying a small band of traditional, shiny tape to the end of the wire so the strain relief will be easier to put on and so it will slide over the wire without disturbing the cloth covering.

For all wires besides overbraid and 18-gauge pulley cord, we recommend our screw top strain reliefs as they fit the diameter of the wire better for a better grip.

The male threaded part of the strain relief fits a 1/8 IPS opening.

Please note this product is for one strain relief only. The picture shows four of the item to show different views of the product.

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