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Please verify that you are aware that this strain relief ONLY fits on our twisted pair wire. Use collar strain reliefs for pulley cord or overbraid wires.*
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UL: UL - Luminaire Fittings Component
Made in: China

To use this strain relief, slide the cap and the treaded piece onto the wire with the longer part of the threaded piece facing the bottom of the cap. If you are using this below a canopy, you should orient the cap with the wider part at the top. If you are using this with a socket, the wider part of the cap should go against the neck of the socket.

The narrowing cap squeezes the tabs of the threaded piece of the strain relief to pinch the wire and take the strain off from where the wire is attached to the wiring box or the socket.

Compatible with our 2-conductor twisted pair wires only, NOT with any of our 3-conductor cords or 2-conductor pulley cords. Please see our collar style strain reliefs for those styles of wire.

The plastic threaded part of the strain relief fits a 1/8 IPS opening.

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