Bakelite Sockets


Bakelite sockets are no longer made of Bakelite because its production requires formaldehyde, a very toxic substance. Instead they are made of phenolic, another plastic.

construction and use

Bakelite sockets are 3-piece sockets, made up of the interior, which is the piece to which the wires are screwed on and into which the bulb is screwed, the cap, the bottom of the socket, where the wire enters, and the housing, which covers the interior for cosmetic reasons as well as to insulate the conductive parts of the sockets.

However, unlike the 3-piece brass sockets, the Bakelite housing screws into the cap, providing an easy-to use, attractive, and stable socket.

The socket is closed and opened by screwing/unscrewing on the housing to/from the cap.

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