Cast Brass 4-Piece Sockets

material and weight

Cast brass sockets are a 4-piece socket made of cast brass, which is then polished or coated with a nickel or bronze finish. They weigh 3.2 ounces. An aluminum (low-quality) socket weighs 0.8 ounces. A solid brass (medium-quality) socket weighs 1.5 ounces.

construction and use

4-piece sockets are made up of the interior, which is the piece to which the wires are screwed on and into which the bulb is screwed, the cap, the bottom of the socket, where the wire enters, and the housing, which covers the interior for cosmetic reasons as well as to insulate the conductive parts of the socket, and a ring, which screws down to secure the housing to the cap.

The socket is opened and closed by unscrewing the ring, which separates the housing, which is not crimped at the bottom, from the cap. This construction provides a very stable and very attractive alternative to the solid brass socket.

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