Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Can you recommend a wire?
For liability reasons, we cannot make recommendations on anything other than style. The maximum voltage and heat ratings for each of our wires are listed on its product description page. We recommend that you contact an electrician, if you don't have the electrical expertise to ascertain the requirements of your lamp or appliance.
You can see a comprehensive description of our wires and the terms used in describing cloth-covered wire as well as style recommendations on our “How to Select Cloth-Covered Wire” page.
What do I want?
Do you have...
  • ...telephone wire?
    We don’t carry telephone parts, but here are some links we have discovered. We don’t have personal experience on how good any of these sources are, but we have heard from customers that is all you could ever need in the way of telephone parts.

  • ...automotive wire? We do not carry wire suitable for automotive applications; however, you can try these sites to find automotive wire, including, in some cases, full wiring harnesses.
  • wire?
    We do not carry audio wire. Our wire is intended for lighting and small appliances. It is, therefore, copper wire covered with PVC and then cotton or rayon braid.
  • ...a wire I don't see on your web site?
    All of our wires appear on the web site. However, we constantly have new wires in production, so the wire you want may be in our production queue. The best ways to stay informed of new wire releases are to sign up for our newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of the left side of this page (below the table of contents) and/or by "liking" us on our Facebook page.
  • ...wire for a particular fan model?
    We are not experts in antique fan wiring. However, the members of the American Fan Collectors' Association have advised us on what wires to make and have the information to tell you what wire would have appeared on just about any make and model year of fan. The best way to inquire is via the AFCA forum.
Where are your products made?
It is very important to us to have all of our products made in America. Currently all of our wires are made in the US. Our silicone tape is also made in the US. Our plugs are made in China and Mexico, but we have plans to make those in the US in the near future.
Is your wire UL?
Please see ourUL information page for detailed UL information on all our cloth-covered wire styles.
Do you have just the cloth covering without the wire inside?
We do not make loom, which is only the braid, without the wire inside. We are not aware of anyone who is making loom.
Is there something I can use to change the color of the wire?
Customers have changed the color of the braid by applying various substances. However, you would have to be sure that whatever you applied did not react chemically with the PVC covering to compromise it in any way. We have no information on what might or might not effectively change the color of the braid without compromising the safety of the wire.

Ordering Questions

Do you accept international orders?
Please see a complete description of international orders on our customer service page.
My order was declined. What should I do?
Please see a complete description of how to deal with declined orders on our customer service page.
The product I want is out of stock. Can I order it anyway?
We do allow customers to order out-of-stock items. When you checkout, you will be asked a question about whether you would like us to hold your entire order until all the products or available or send what is available immediately and send the backordered item when it becomes available.
What are my payment options? Can I order without a credit card?
We accept credit card payment via Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept PayPal or payments via check or money order. Please note we do not ship orders paid with check or money order until the check or money order has arrived.
We have a secure web site to ensure that the information you entrust to us is not intercepted or abused. On the pages where you are to enter information that should be kept secure, you will notice a locked padlock icon at the bottom of your browser, ensuring that security protection is enabled. If you would prefer not to pay with a credit card online you can call us with your credit card information or you can pay by check or money order. Just check out normally, and when you are asked which payment method you would like, just click on the check or money order option. Then you will print your invoice and mail it with your payment to us at Sundial Wire, PO Box 803, Northampton, MA 01061. We will ship your cloth-covered wire when we have received your check or money order.
Why do I have to supply my email address to place an order?
Unfortunately, the shopping cart software that we use only works if you log in using your email address. We do NOT use your email except to send order, payment received, and shipment confirmation or if we have a problem or question about your order.
If you really do not want to give us your email or if you don't have an email address, you can provide a fake email, such as (Using your name will prevent duplication with another customer's fake email.) Please remember that your phone number should be accurate if your email is not real since there are situations where we do need to contact you about your order.
How can I see the status of my order?
All mailing options except USPS First Class and USPS First Class International include a tracking number. Your tracking number is included in your order confirmation email. If you can't find or have lost your tracking number, just call or email us with your order number.
If your package was sent via the US Postal Service, you can enter your tracking number at Please note that the Post Office often does not enter intermediate tracking information and only shows status after delivery.
If your package was sent via FedEx, you can enter your tracking number at

Please note: we cannot be responsible for lost packages when shipping using USPS First Class.
Can I return what I ordered?
Please see our description of our returns policy.
Do you have wholesale prices or quantity discounts?
We consider the spool price the wholesale price. When you order a spool you pay significantly less per foot than if you ordered the same wire by the foot. For example, our 18-gauge, 2-conductor black cotton twisted wire sells for $1.30 per foot, $130.00 per 250-foot spool. The price per foot when you buy a spool is $0.52 per foot, about a third of the per-foot price.

We also offer a discount of 10% for orders of spools of 1000 feet or more. If you would like to order 5000 feet or more, please contact us for further discounts.
Do you have distributors in other locations or countries?
There may be people re-selling our wire in the US or overseas, but we have no way of knowing which customers are re-selling our wire rather than using it themselves.

Can you include free samples in my order?
Unfortunately, we do not send free samples. They are actually fairly costly for us due to the time it takes to put together a packet. To minimize cost we offer several configurations of samples, such as all twisted-pair wires or all 2-conductor wires, etc. We also offer a custom sample option so you can get just one sample if you like. You can see our samples offerings on oursamples page.

Do you have a storefront or local pickup?
We do not have a storefront and our insurance does not cover customers on site.

However, we have made an arrangement with a local store so that customers can pick up their packages in Northampton. The store is Sticks & Bricks, at 9 Market Street, Northampton. You must pick up your package within 24 hours of our notifying you that the package is at Sticks & Bricks and we do charge a $5.00 charge to cover our having to make arrangements for the drop-off and our arrangement with Sticks & Bricks. Also, you can only pick up your package during Sticks & Bricks business hours. Please check their web site and call them to double-check that they will be open when you arrive to pick up your package.

Also, Sticks & Bricks is a very cool store, which we are sure you will enjoy visiting.

Notifications and Catalog

Can you send me a catalog?
We are in the process of making a catalog that we will mail out to all our customers when it is done. In the meantime, all of our wires are listed on our web site, complete with all the information that will be in the paper catalog. For now, that is how you can see our wires, or you can order a sample packet. The sample packets are available on the web sitesamples page or you can call us to order one.
Can you email me information about new wires and sales?
We will post this information on Facebook and Twitter, so "liking" Sundial Wire on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter is the best way to get this information. Another way to receive notifications of new wires and sales is to sign up for our email newsletter. You can find where to do this at the bottom of the table of contents on every page of this website. We only send emails when there are new products or if we put products on sale, fairly infrequently, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
Can you tell me when an out-of-stock product becomes available?
Unfortunately, we don't have a way to automatically notify people when an out-of-stock item is is back in stock. We will post this information on Facebook and Twitter, so "liking" Sundial Wire on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter is the best way to get this information.