All of the sockets we sell work well with all of our 2- and 3-conductor cloth-covered wires and many come with the option of a 1/4 IPS wire opening to accommodate larger-gauge wires.

We provide instructions on how to wire a socket using cloth-covered wire.

See below to choose from the various categories of sockets.

socket weight construction
Sockets come in different weights, materials, and constructions. We carry heavy (3.2 ounce) 4-piece cast brass sockets and mid-weight (1.5 ounce) 3-piece solid brass sockets, aluminum (0.8 ounce) side-exit sockets, Bakelite, and porcelain flush-mount.
socket switch types
There are a variety of types of switches on sockets. We carry keyless, push-through on/off turn knobs, pull-chain,and dimmer knob switch types.
socket finishes, colors
All of our metal sockets come in several finishes. Our cast brass and solid brass sockets, both have brass as the underlying metal, but are available in other finishes in spite of their name.
Sockets with UNO Threads
All types of sockets come with or without UNO threads. These threads allow a shade-support ring to be screwed on below a shade to secure it. Some shade frames also have UNO threads inside the top fitting and this can be screwed onto a UNO socket.

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