All of our wires are made in the USA.

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If you have small tolerances, PLEASE ORDER A SAMPLE before committing to a larger order. You can order samples here: samples order page.

Please check that the diameter of each wire you order will fit in the aperture for which it is intended.

The measurements in mm are more accurate than the measurements in inches but vary from production lot to production lot. Please order a sample of the currently selling lot if your tolerances are very small.

Also, please do not choose solely based on what fits. Please make sure the gauge you choose is appropriate for the electrical draw of your device or fixture.

Please note that the parallel wire has two dimensions, height and width, since its shape is rectangular rather than round.

Twisted wire is measured at its widest point.

Gauge Wire Style Diameter
in Inches
in mm
14-gauge Pulley Cord 13/32" 10.13 mm
18-gauge Pulley Cord 1/4" 7.0 mm
16-gauge Overbraid 9/32" 7.1 mm
18-gauge Overbraid 1/4" 6.5 mm
16-gauge Twisted Pair 9/32" 7.2 mm
18-gauge Twisted Pair 1/4" 6.5 mm
20-gauge Twisted Pair 5/32" 4.2 mm
22-gauge Twisted Pair 3/16" 4.5 mm
18-gauge Parallel 1/4" wide x 1/8" high 6.1 mm wide x 3.5 mm high
12-gauge Single Conductor 7/32" 5.2 mm
14-gauge Single Conductor 3/16" 4.4 mm
18-gauge Single Conductor 1/8" 3.6 mm



This table lists the size of the openings where the wire is inserted in the plugs we sell.

Please note the rectangular plug has a rectangular opening, hence the two dimensions. All the other plugs have round openings.

All of the button plug styles have the same diameter opening.

Plug Style Diameter
in Inches
in mm
Button 9/32" 7.5 mm
Rectangular 7/16" x 5/16" 11.2 mm x 8.4 mm
Round with Neck 13/32" 10.7 mm


Wanted, knobs and tubes




Mailing Lists
Note: We do not send frequent emails, only when we have new products or sale items.



All of the sockets we sell work well with all of our 2- and 3-conductor cloth-covered wires. We also provide instructions on how to wire a socket using cloth-covered wire.

Socket Quality and Construction

Sockets come in different qualities and constructions. We carry heavy (3.2 ounce) cast brass sockets and mid-weight (1.5 ounce) solid brass sockets. We don't carry the lowest quality (0.8 ounce) sockets, which are made of aluminum and are very flimsy. We feel that these would not meet the quality requirements of our customers.

Socket Finishes

Both types of metal sockets that we carry are called brass sockets because that is the underlying metal. All of our brass sockets come in brass, nickel, and bronze finishes. The underlying material does not dictate the final color of the socket.

Socket Switches

There are a variety of types of switches on sockets.
  • Keyless sockets have no switches. The light must be hard-wired and use a wall switch or have a switch on the cord.
  • Push-through switches have a push-through rod to turn the lamp on and off.
  • On/off switches have a turn switch which clicks on and off.
  • Dimmer switch sockets come with a turn-knob that looks exactly like an on/off turn knob, but as you turn the knob, the lamp dims.

UNO threads

All types of sockets come with or without UNO threads. These threads allow a shade-support ring to be screwed on below a shade to secure it. Some shade frames also have UNO threads inside the top fitting and this can be screwed onto a UNO socket.

Socket Categories

Please see the socket categories below for descriptions of the material, weight, construction, and use of each. You can also view our instructions page for more information.

A 4-piece socket made of cast brass, which is then polished or coated with a nickel or bronze finish. Our heaviest socket at 3.2 ounces for the keyless version. The housing and cap are secured with a ring for a very attractive and stable socket.
A 3-piece socket made of solid brass, which is then polished or coated with a nickel or bronze finish. Our medium-weight socket at 1.5 ounces for the keyless version. The housing and cap are secured by fitting the crimped housing firmly into the cap.
Sockets made of Bakelite look-alike, phenolic. The housing is threaded and screws into the cap for a very secure, attractive, and stable connection.
A socket with standardized threading known as UNO threads.

All Sockets

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