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UL Information

UL-Listed Wires

The following styles of Sundial Wire are UL-listed:

  • all pulley cords, 2- and 3-conductor, braided with cotton or rayon, 300 Volts, 105 degrees Centigrade
  • all parallel cords, braided with cotton or rayon, 300 Volts, 105 degrees Centigrade

The parallel cord is listed for both the US and Canada. For a short while, due to a clerical error, the pulley cord is listed for US only. We will update the descriptions of the pulley cords as they become listed in Canada as well as the US, which should happen shortly. There will be absolutely no difference in the wire except that the legend for Canada as well as the legend for the US will be imprinted on the PVC jacket under the braid.

We still have some pulley and parallel cords made before we had UL listing. While suppliles last, we are selling them at a lower price. Those non-UL wires will not have the UL-listed mark on their pictures and will be clearly marked as non-UL in their descriptions. They are, however, constructed in exactly the same way as the UL wires.

Non-UL-Listed Wires

The following styles of Sundial Wire are not UL-listed:

  • twisted pair wires
  • overbraid cord
  • single-conductor wires
  • 12-gauge knob and tube wire

Currently there is no UL listing for twisted pair wire except for use of the wire inside an appliance. It is not approved as a power cord, head wire, or any other use exterior to an appliance. And it is not approved for lighting. At one time we heard that UL thinks the wire will become untwisted and cause a tripping hazard. In our experience twisted wire does not become untwisted even if it is not attached to a plug, socket, etc., on each end. Perhaps in the future UL will approve twisted pair for power cords and lighting, but at present it does not. Sundial Wire's twisted pair is constructed according to the UL standard, but we have not applied for approval as our customers need approval for lighting and power cords, not for wiring inside an appliance.

Lamp Parts

Most of our lamp parts are UL-listed. You can see the UL status and rating for each part in its description.