Earth Day

Earth Day

We've lit up the globe with Sundial Wire in honor of Earth Day!

To celebrate, all of our brown and green wires are 30% off now through April 30.

We are proud to be the ONLY producers of cloth-covered wire made entirely in the US.


Sundial Wire has been providing beautiful, high quality, cloth covered wire since 1991. Our wire is newly US-manufactured wire, constructed of copper wire covered in PVC and a cotton or rayon braid.

Sundial Wire started braiding wire when the supply in old hardware stores was drying up and no other companies were making it. We have always been committed to the highest quality American-made wire. This is why high-end decorators, interior designers, architects, movie decorators, and museums use Sundial Wire.


We sell cloth-covered wire braided with cotton or rayon only. Cheap imitations advertise only cloth-covered or fabric wire, which often has a nylon braid, which has a plastic look to it, unlike the cotton and rayon. Chinese cloth-covered wire sometimes contains aluminum rather than copper, not a safe alternative. And the twist on other wires is often loose and sloppy. With genuine Sundial Wire, you know what you are getting and you know you are getting the best quality.


Other manufacturers claim that their wire is American-made. However, not only do we braid the wire right here in Massachusetts, but the wire is made in the US as well. We think we might be the only manufacturer who has only US braiding and only US-made wire.


We are truly a mom-and-pop store, with Jim starting the company when he, working on a film crew, need cloth-covered wire for sets on the movie Billy Bathgate in 1990. We saw a need for beautiful wire as well as period-correct wire, and have grown beyond just supplying Jim's and others' set decorating needs. However, you can see our wire in such motion pictures as Water for Elephants, Suckerpunch, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Seabiscuit, King Kong, War of the Worlds, and dozens of other productions. Our wire has also appeared in the TV shows: Boardwalk Empire, Fringe, Bones, and Heroes, among others.