Parallel Cord

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All of our parallel (and pulley) cords, both 3- and 2-conductor and cotton and rayon, are now available UL-listed.

We still have non-UL stock, listed on this page with no UL mark in their pictures. All of the non-UL stock will be on sale for 50% off until April 12 or until we run out, so purchase soon if you'd like to take advantage of this sale. The 50% applies only to orders paid at the time of sale, not to purchases made on credit.

Parallel cord is a flat cord. (Even if it looks round in the photographs, it is NOT ROUND.)

Sundial Wire's parallel cord is constructed from SPT-1 cord, which is two wires, side-by-side, bonded together by the PVC insulation to create one cord. This insulated cord is covered in rayon or cotton herringbone braid.

This wire is suitable for table-top or floor lighting and small appliances.

While parallel cord can be used for pendant lighting, the aesthetic effect of this wire when used for pendant lighting is not pleasing to most people.

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