Pulley Cord

wires cotton pulley

Pulley Cord is a round cord with cotton or rayon braid applied to SVT-2 (2-conductor) or SVT-3 (3-conductor) wire. It is UL-listed. We saw quite a bit of Pulley Cord at Edison's lab in New Jersey, with drops from the ceiling providing power to the workbenches below. This style of wire seems to have been used since the earliest days of electricity but is very well suited for modern applications.

Like all our cloth-covered wire, pulley cord is electrical wire braided with fabric, either cotton or rayon yarn or thread. Originally we made the wire for lighting restorations of antiques and vintage lighting using styles, colors, and patterns we matched to cords we found on antiques and installed in Edison’s lab.

But we soon realized that the reason for using cloth-covered wire is not just for an old-fashioned look, but to make any pendant lighting, table lamp, floor lamp, or fan more beautiful. The pulley cord in pendants and hanging lights is particularly visible and so really benefits from a beautiful fabric wire. Cloth-covered wire, it's not just for antiques any more!

Now, everyone uses it, interior decorators, film set decorators, antiques restorers, DIY enthusiasts, lighting designers and manufacturers, and people who just want their lighting to look the best it can. We do the braiding at our own plant and buy the wire and fabric from American companies making US-made product. That is why we say our wire is American-made from the copper to the braid.

Pulley Cord comes in many colors, custom-dyed cotton and a variety of rayon shades, and patterns, and multiple gauges.

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